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Enjoy the art—and pleasure—of good pig behavior

I’d love to help with:


  • Harness and leash training your pig

  • House training or litter box training your pig

  • Putting an end to biting and charging

  • Helping your pig get along with fellow pets

  • Replacing pushiness and squealing with politeness

  • Protecting your yard and home from your pig’s nose

  • Handling & holding your pig without all the squealing

  • Teaching your pig to get in and our of your vehicle

  • Getting your pig to take treats gently


  • What else do you need? You tell me!


Sharing your home with a pig can be full of fun and laughter and cuteness. It can also be frustrating in all sorts of exasperating ways. 


Pigs are tremendously intelligent, but they aren’t adapted to human life in quite the same ways as dogs and cats. That’s where good pig training and an expert pig trainer come in handy.


How I help:

Expert guidance to help you train your pig
Pig Training & Behavior Consult

We'll meet for weekly virtual sessions, I'll listen to your concerns and goals, and layout a customized piggy training plan. I’ll walk you through all the steps to success, teach you how to train your pig, and I'll provide written instructions.

I offer Tuesday-Saturday virtual office hours to answer any questions and offer training support between our weekly sessions to make sure all is going according to plan.

6-Session Pig Behavior program: $900

Includes 90 minute initial appointment + five 60 minute sessions.

Package size is customizable depending on goals. In-person sessions offered for Heber City and Midway.


Ready to get your pig training consult on the books?

The art—and science—of good pig behavior

Expert training

I specialize in pig training, from basic good pig manners to addressing serious porcine behavior issues. I even teach the pigs I work with to paint—really!


Science-based positive methods

Pigs are intelligent, emotionally sensitive animals, and so I employ only scientifically-sound positive reinforcement training methods to get you the best results.


A focus on easy, effective training

Speaking of results, they’re hard to get if you don’t do the training. That’s why I design easy-to-follow training plans customized to your pig training goals.


A focus on FUN

It’s also easier to get your pig training homework done if you’re having a good time. And you will—I’ll make sure you and your pig have an absolute blast.


Ready to enjoy the art of good behavior but not exactly sure what you need?
I’m ready to help!

Private pig training by professional pig trainer. Serving online, virtual sessions and in-person sessions in Park City, Heber City, and surrounding cities

This is me with my pig student Boris. I taught Boris how to paint with his hoof and nose. Here he is showing off his skills with target training for hoof stamps and with a roller brush at a fund raising event for the rescue ranch.


He’s quite an artist, as you can see!

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