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Enjoy the art—and peace of mind—of easy dog walks and a friendly, relaxed companion

Is your love for your dog overshadowed by worry of their intense behaviors? Help is here.


Maybe your walks aren’t exactly going to plan with all the pulling.

Or even worse, your furry family member is barking, growling, and lunging on leash.

Maybe the companion you envisioned is too afraid to even leave your home, let alone go on a hike with you.

Or your new buddy is scaring away every vet or groomer that gets near.


I’ve been there, too. I know firsthand how isolating it is to have a dog with reactive behaviors.


With over 10 years experience transforming chaotic reactivity into peace and calm, I’m confident I can help you transform your dog’s intense behaviors into a beautiful masterpiece.

You no longer have to live in fear of what your dog might do next.

The art and peace of mind of a relaxed companion is one easy click away!

I’d love to help with:


  • Lunging, barking, and growling at other dogs on walks

  • Freezing or bolting during walks

  • Barking, growling, snapping at family members

  • Barking, growling, snapping at visitors or strangers

  • Barking, growling, snapping during vet/ grooming visits

  • Other related, troubling behaviors—tell me what’s going on


Most reactive and aggressive dog behaviors are driven by fear. Some cases can be fully turned around. All can be significantly improved. I’d love to bring you and your dog relief from these troubling behaviors.


Two ways I can help—you choose:



Behavior Modification Option 1: 
Expert guidance to help you train your dog

At-home convenience & support for do-it-yourselfers

These are not behaviors that can be addressed in regular group dog training classes. I'll meet with you in your home to help your dog gain a solid foundation of skills that are needed to be successful out in the world. I’ll coach you to train your dog with private behavior modification lessons designed to decrease your dog’s fear and anxiety, build their confidence, and phase out unwanted behaviors. We’ll work in the comfort of your home and wherever the issues are occurring. 


8 week Dog B-Mod Coaching program: $1200

This package includes

  • 8 1-hour guided dog training sessions based on a customized behavior modification plan

  • Breed-specific tips

  • Personalized recommendations for chews, treats, toys, and other training supplies

  • Tuesday-Saturday virtual office hours to answer any questions and offer training support between our weekly sessions

  • In-Person clients have the potential for field trip sessions to practice skills outside the home


This package can be adapted to virtual sessions (similar to a FaceTime call) and/or meet twice per week instead of once per week for more frequent support.


Behavior Modification Option 2: 
Let me train your dog for you

The ultimate in quick dog training results & convenience

These kinds of behaviors can be very stressful to live with, for both you and your dog. Let me provide faster relief by implementing your dog’s behavior modification plan for you. I can create behavior change in a fraction of the time (just 3 weeks) so you can focus on learning the skills necessary to protect and further our progress.

3 week Pro Dog B-Mod program: $2100

This premium package includes:

  • 14 total sessions catered to your training goals, your lifestyle and your household needs

    • ​9 pro behavior modification training sessions

    • 3 results transfer sessions

    • 2 follow up sessions

  • Breed-specific tips

  • Personalized recommendations for chews, treats, toys, and other training supplies

  • Tuesday-Saturday virtual office hours to answer any questions and offer training support between our weekly sessions

  • In-Person clients have the potential for field trip sessions to practice skills outside the home


Reilly sniffs her way over to meet Kylie in person for the first time after a 6-month virtual training package. Before training, Reilly was too fearful to go on walks or see any new people without barking.

"Reilly is flourishing in our routine"

"Last week we went to a picnic at the park. Lots of strangers and loud noises, music and she did fantastic!!! ... She is still making improvements every day ... It really has been a beautiful transition to watch, and her journey has been slow but it's amazing to be a part of!"

 Jeri & Reilly

"Kylie couldn't have been a more perfect fit!"

"I adopted an anxious adult dog and decided to try some online training. I found Art of Behavior and Kylie couldn't have been a more perfect fit! She had lots of experience helping develop confidence in dogs and gave us lots of tips, tricks and tools/games to help build Sammy's confidence.

Kylie tailored each training to Sammy. I really appreciate being able to talk to her in the Zoom Office Hours between our sessions. I'm very happy with how Sammy progressed and how thoughtful and attentive Kylie was!"

 Sarah and Sammy


Before training, Sammy wasn't interested in doing much and seemed depressed. After building his confidence via enrichment and training games, he's exuberant, plays, and trusts his new family to pet him.


"Kylie saved my relationship with my dog"

​"My dog Ivan used to be very insecure, and it affected our entire lives. He was growling and snapping constantly, and we were both very frustrated. I didn't even really like him, but Kylie helped me understand him and work through his insecurities so I could discover the sweet, affectionate, smart dog that he is.

I was so close to giving up on him so many times and Kylie was such a good role model and support for me. [Working with her] improved Ivan's quality of life so much and literally changed my life."

— Cham & Ivan

Ivan showed classic herding dog hypervigilance that evolved into fearful, reactive behaviors. After teaching his person how to meet his needs and working on a behavior modification plan, he's now a confident, friendly companion.

The art—and science—of good dog behavior

Expert training

Whether I coach you to train your dog or I train her for you, you’ll enjoy the results and peace of mind of working with a professionally certified dog trainer.


Science-based positive methods

Speaking of peace of mind, I want you to know I employ the most up-to-date, scientifically-sound positive reinforcement training methods to get the best results.


A focus on real-life results

And speaking of results, let’s make them real. As in specific to your lifestyle, your family’s needs, and how you want your dog to fit into your household.


A focus on FUN

Training is a lot of work, and so is learning, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time with it! I’ll make sure you and your best friend have an absolute blast.

Private dog training and behavior modification for leash reactivity and dog aggression by professional, certified dog trainer. Serving online, virtual sessions and in-person sessions in Park City, Heber City, and surrounding cities.

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