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Enjoy the art—and pleasure—of good cat behavior

I’d love to help with:


  • Spraying

  • Litter box issues—let’s get kitty using that and only that!

  • Scratching furniture, clothes, carpet

  • Biting and scratching family and guests

  • Fighting with other family pets

  • Getting kitty comfy in her carrier for easy travel & vet visits

  • Harness and leash training

  • General handling (and even nail trims!)


  • What else do you need? You tell me!


It’s often said that cats aren’t trainable. That’s simply not true. 


Cats are highly intelligent, trainable creatures—it’s just a matter of finding their motivation and then employing the science of learning theory. The results can be spectacular, and the process quite fun. I’d love to show you!


How I help:

Expert guidance to help you train your cat
Cat Training & Behavior Package

I’ll come to your home, meet your cat (if she’s interested), listen to your concerns and goals, and layout a customized cat behavior training plan. I’ll walk you through all the steps to success, provide written instructions as well, and then visit again to make sure all is going according to plan.

Cat Behavior program: $300

Includes 90 minute initial appointment + 60 minute follow-up session

Larger packages and virtual sessions available upon request.

Cat on Counter

The art—and science—of good cat behavior

Expert training

I take my professional education seriously—so you can enjoy the results and peace of mind of working with a professionally certified animal trainer.


Science-based positive methods

Speaking of peace of mind, I want you to know I employ the most up-to-date, scientifically-sound positive reinforcement training methods to get the best results.


A focus on easy, customized training

Every cat is different. Some felines are frisky, and others fearful. I will create a training plan specific to your cat’s needs, designed for easy implementation.


A focus on FUN

Training is a lot of work, and so is learning, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time with it! I’ll make sure you and your kitty have an absolute blast.

Private cat training by professional cat trainer. Serving online, virtual sessions and in-person sessions in Park City, Heber City, and surrounding cities.

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