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Frequently Asked Questions

How big will the class be?

Our primary focus is making sure each team has plenty of space and 1-on-1 support, so we're keeping the class size small to 4 teams (1 dog + 2 people) per session.

Can I bring my shy/reactive dog?

This event IS SUITABLE for some space-sensitive/reactive dogs depending on the level of sensitivity. Reach out to Kylie via email or Instagram DM to discuss details. If you arrive with a sensitive dog without having first discussed with Kylie, you may be asked to leave to preserve the safety of your dog, yourself and the other teams.

Where exactly will the in-person class and photo shoot be?

We're meeting at a dispersed camping spot near Dee Mills Reservoir about 30 minutes east of Heber City.

How many people and dogs can I bring?

The registration cost covers 1 dog + 2 people, with an option to add 1-2 additional people for $50 each. If you have a large party, we recommend booking a private shoot with Brie. 


Can I bring a special outfit or Halloween costume for my dog?

You ~can~ but we might ask you to hold off depending on how your dog is doing. One of our big focuses is to make this as low-stress as possible for your dog and most simply aren't comfortable adorning costumes, however adorable they may be!​

Can my dog play with the other dogs?

Many of the dogs that attend this class do so because they're living life with "big feelings" about strangers, other dogs, etc. One of the biggest benefits of how we designed this class is that it offers plenty of space for dogs to decompress and harmoniously share space with others. For that reason, playtime and letting your dog get nose-to-nose with another dog is not permitted.​

How many portraits do I get?

Participants will receive 5 professionally curated digital images + candid photos throughout the class. All images will be captured with support and encouragement from a professional photographer and a professional dog trainer.


What time will the photo shoot actually start?

It low-key starts as soon as you arrive! The photographer will be taking candids while we start with a few training games. Then participants will have individual photos done by order of registration.

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