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Let the art — and science —of expert animal training bring out the best in your pet

Blonde, white woman smiles at the camera while while sitting next to her black shepherd mix who smiles back at her.

Photos by Brianna Danielle

Dog trainer Kylie, a blonde white woman, offers a treat to a sitting dog while the dog's owner, a brunette white man, sits nearby.

Photos by Brianna Danielle

Asian woman sits on the ground smiling at her mixed breed dog who looks back at her while laying at her side.

Photos by Brianna Danielle

Private training online and in person for puppies, dogs, cats, and pigs whose behavior could stand some artistic finesse.
(I.E., let’s work on those manners and, ahem, naughty behaviors…)

What can I help you with?

A Labrador Puppy Playing with a Toy

Puppy Training

House training, basic obedience foundations, teaching puppy to keep her teeth to herself, managing all that extra energy—we’ve got a lot to do!

An on-leash beagle looks up at his owner on a dog walk

Manners for Teens & Adult Dogs

I’ll help you enjoy a well-mannered dog who responds to your requests with speed and good cheer. Get ready to impress your friends and neighbors!

Copy of Search - Canva_edited.jpg

Reactivity & Aggression

Let me help alleviate the stress, worry, and frustration caused by reactivity or aggression toward other dogs, family members, visitors, or strangers. 

Cat Resting

Cat Training & Behavior

Let’s fix litter box problems, aggression toward feline or human family members, fear issues, destruction, or whatever else is troubling you and your kitty.


Pig Training & Behavior

From manners and house training to addressing destructive or aggressive behaviors, I’ll help your porcine bestie become a more civilized member of your household.

Training a Puppy

Resources & Training Tips

Just after a bit of do-it-yourself information to start? Here are some of my favorite resources and puppy, dog, cat, and pig training tips. I hope they help!

Ready to enjoy the art of good behavior but not exactly sure what you need?
I’m ready to help!

Meet Your Trainer,
Kylie Campbell

It’s lovely to have you here! I’d be so glad to help you and your animal enjoy the art of good behavior together. (And if you’re super busy, like most of my clients, I can even train your animal for you.)


First, though, I want you to know all about my professional credentials, experience, and animal training methods, so you can feel sure you’re in the right place.

Profile pic (2).png
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"Kylie saved my relationship with my dog"

"My dog used to be very insecure, and it affected our entire lives. He was growling and snapping constantly, and we were both very frustrated. Kylie helped me to understand him and build his confidence and it improved his quality of life so much!"

 Cham & Ivan

"If there is anyone you can trust it's Kylie"

"By the end of our initial training package, my pig Rigby comes when he is called, he is litter trained, harness/leash trained, [he's] more comfortable for things like visits to the vet, he is crate trained, and he is gentle and sweet with my 8-month-old son."

 Morgan & Rig the Pig

Untitled design (5).png

I can't wait to help you enjoy the art of behavior with your pet.
Let's get started!

Private puppy training, private dog training, private cat training, private pig training for animal lovers offered by credentialed professional puppy trainer, dog trainer,

cat trainer, pig trainer. Serving online, virtual sessions and in-person sessions in Park City, Heber City and surrounding cities in Wasatch and Summit County

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